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  1. 20V MaxLithium 2.0 Ah Battery - RW9351.1 | Rockwell Tools
  2. 20V MaxLithium Battery Charger - RW9420 | Rockwell Tools
  3. 12V LithiumTech Battery - RW9300 | Rockwell Tools
  4. 20V MaxLithium 4.0 Ah Battery - RW9353 | Rockwell Tools

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4 Product(s)

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Keep your Rockwell power tool performing at its best with replacement batteries and chargers. Our 20V lithium universal drill battery charger can be used with any tool that takes a 20V battery on our platform. Whether you’re using it as a drill charger replacement or want an additional battery charger for your drills, this is a handy accessory to keep on hand. As a universal cordless drill charger, you save money and time by using it for every 20V tool in your possession. There’s no need to switch between a cordless drill battery charger and impact driver charger. This universal drill battery charger works with both of these tools, and more. A battery charger or replacement battery for your drill is essential. Make sure you have the best tool battery charging stations and the right battery for your tool. Thanks to our innovative battery-sharing platform, you don’t need to get different battery chargers for each of your drill. Just one of our 20V universal drill battery chargers is enough to maintain the battery on any Rockwell 20V power tool. In just 60 minutes, this cordless drill battery charger can get your power tool back to full charge. If it’s a 12V battery you need, we have that, too! The Rockwell collection of battery and drill charger replacements has you covered so you can proceed with the project at hand. Keep power and performance at its best with our batteries and accompanying tool battery charging stations.