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Sanding Accessories

Shop our selection of replacement sanding pads and sanding sheets.
Sanding Accessories

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  1. 5" 150-Grit Random Orbital Sanding Disc 5-Pack - RW9216 | Rockwell Tools
  2. 5" 120-Grit Random Orbital Sanding Disc 5-Pack - RW9215 | Rockwell Tools
  3. 5" 100-Grit Random Orbital Sanding Disc 5-Pack - RW9214 | Rockwell Tools
  4. 5" 40-Grit Random Orbital Sanding Disc 5-Pack - RW9211 | Rockwell Tools
  5. Universal Fit Sanding Sheet Assorted 20-Pack - RW9145 | Rockwell Tools
  6. Universal Fit Oscillating Sanding Pads 2-Pack - RW8938 | Rockwell Tools
  7. Universal Fit Finger Shaped Oscillating Sanding Pad - RW8941 | Rockwell Tools
  8. Universal Fit Oscillating Finger Sanding Sheet 20-Pack - RW9155 | Rockwell Tools
  9. Universal Fit 27-Piece Oscillating Accessory Kit
  10. 5" 60-Grit Random Orbital Sanding Disc 5-Pack - RW9212 | Rockwell Tools
  11. 5-Inch 180 grit Sanding discs - RW9223
  12. 5" 60/120/220-Grit Sanding Discs 6-PK
  13. 5" 80-Grit Random Orbital Sanding Disc 5-Pack

13 Product(s)

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Our collection of sanding accessories are all you need to maintain and upgrade your multi-tool sander. Whether you’re looking for replacement pads for your orbital palm sander or a new sanding sheet for your oscillating tool, Rockwell’s sanding accessories have you covered. To go from cutting wood to smoothing it, our oscillating tool sanding accessories are all that’s required to make your tool the most versatile it can be. Under the Universal fit platform, oscillating multi-tool sanding accessories are compatible with all brands of oscillating tools. This makes our Universal Fit oscillating tool sanding accessories one of the most economical options available. Using just one tool, you can sand wood, plastic, or hardened fillers, then quickly switch to sawing through PVC. It’s all possible with our sanding accessories on the Universal Fit platform. For multi-tool sanding accessories like our orbital sanding discs, you can easily replace the pads of your palm sander as they wear down. Keep your multi tool sander working efficiently and maximize its power by replacing the sanding pads at regular intervals. Our collection of multi-tool sanding accessories makes it easy and affordable to keep the power and performance of your orbital palm sander at its peak. Rockwell has the sanding accessories to bring your sander tools up to the next level ad keep them performing at their best.