6 Ideas for Boosting Backyard Privacy

You’ve put in the time and effort to cultivate a nice backyard and now you want to spend some time out there. The only issue you have now is that you want a little more backyard privacy. Even with nice outdoor furniture and a beautiful yard, some people find it difficult to relax if the backyard is open to outside observers.

Fortunately, creating privacy in the backyard is not difficult. There are several backyard privacy ideas that could work. You just need to spend some time considering your privacy needs and assess some of your options for how to make your backyard private. These backyard privacy ideas include planting trees and shrubs, building a fence, installing a sunroom, pergola, or trellis, and putting in outdoor shades and canopies.

Trees and Shrubs Create Privacy in a Backyard

One of the best ideas for backyard privacy is to design your landscaping to provide some cover. With trees and shrubs planted in the right location, you can have the privacy you need and it can add to the appeal of your backyard. 

You just need to make sure to pick the right plants. You want ones that are going to be tall enough and dense enough to provide backyard privacy. Furthermore, you need to plan for the upkeep of these new plants in your yard.

Build a Fence for Backyard Privacy

Building a fence is one of the most popular privacy ideas for the backyard. When it is made from quality materials, a fence will look good and provide the privacy you need. It can also help to set a more established boundary between your yard and those of your neighbors.

You can buy fence kits that are relatively easy to construct or you could build the fence yourself. You will need tools like a circular saw and a posthole digger, but it is a DIY project that most homeowners should be able to handle.

Put a Sunroom on Your List of Privacy Ideas for Backyard

If you have a backyard deck or patio, you could build a sunroom. You will need to make sure the deck or patio has the stability for the additional structure, but this can be the ideal backyard privacy solution. Blinds allow you to add the privacy you need, and since the space is sheltered, you can also enjoy the outdoors even when the weather is less than perfect.

Build a Pergola 

A pergola can be a good option for adding some privacy without obscuring too much of the backyard view. Since it is an open structure, you still get a nice breeze, but the pillars and cross-beams can provide some privacy. If you want a little more to block the view of prying eyes, you could also add twining plants to climb the structure and hide more of the view.

Add a Trellis

If you just want to cover a small area, building a trellis can be one of the best ideas for backyard privacy. You could buy one at a home improvement store or make your own to fit your space. With some climbing plants, it can be a nice feature to complement your landscaping and it can offer privacy in any area of the backyard. 

When you build your own trellis, it can be made to fit your space and the style of your yard. With a tool like the BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw, you can make it easier to get clean, accurate cuts for the lattice and the frame.

Make Your Backyard Private With Outdoor Shades & Canopies

You also have a range of solutions like outdoor shades and canopies that can be good for backyard privacy. You can buy different sets at home improvement stores, and they can be added to things like decks and pergolas to provide protection from the elements and privacy. Things like canopies and shades are easy to install and are made to be used outside, so they should hold up well as backyard privacy solutions. This option also has the added advantage of not being permanent. 

Creating privacy in the backyard is a goal for many homeowners. By learning how to make your backyard private, you not only get the security you need, but you also get to add features that can make the outdoor space more appealing.

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