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Our oscillating multi-tools let you cut faster and push harder. We’ve combined speed and control, for the ultimate lineup of oscillating tools.
Oscillating Tools
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Universal Fit Oscillating Accessories | Rockwell Tools
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Rockwell’s Universal Fit accessories are designed to fit any oscillating multi-tool

Oscillating Multi-Tools

Oscillating tools can tackle several different types of projects and, in some ways, can be revered as the ultimate power tool. Those who work in construction or carpentry are particularly grateful for the versatility that an oscillating tool provides. These tools can work as sanders, saws, grinders, scrapers, and polishers. Whatever the project calls for, the oscillating multi-tool gets the job done.


The value of an oscillating tool is not limited to only woodworking projects, but can also take on heavy duty tasks when working with cement, fiberglass, and drywall as well. The oscillating power of this kind of tool moves from side to side in a quick motion - think approximately 20,000 strokes per minute - so the result feels more like a vibration. This use requires a steady hand and safety features, which all Rockwell tools provide, including an easy-to-grip handle and variable speed settings.


The popular 20V MaxLithium Brushless Sonicrafter is the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to power tools. It is the only oscillating tool that allows users to choose between two modes to customize control for each job. Its lightweight machinery maintains a powerful motor and safety clamp to prevent slippage.


Previous customers have used this tool to trim door molding, perform home repairs, and tackle wood carving projects. It’s highly rated among customers for its ergonomic design and comfort, high-performance value, ease of use, and helpful features.


Our customers have used our tools for improvements of all rooms, and our oscillating multi-tools may be used to cut drywall, dig out grout, remove stubborn paint, and cut plumbing pipes. We have a list of different blades and accessories available to make sure you are fully equipped for any job.


Not to be outdone, the 20V MaxLithium Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi-Tool with Hyperlock is also a favorite among users and provides many of the same features as the Sonicrafter F80. One benefit all Rockwell oscillating tools come with is the Universal Fit System, which is compatible with a range of other brand accessories and tools.


The Rockwell brand of products upholds a reputation of durability and reliability. Whether you are working on door trims, making shelves, or any of the number of chores and projects that can pile up around the home or business, our tools provide high-quality performance you can count on for years.


We are proud of the quality of our products and will continue to roll out thoughtfully-designed tools inclusive of the newest technology with a focus on customer usability and efficiency.