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Rockwell's unique Universal Fit accessories are designed to fit tightly on any brand oscillating multi-tool.
Oscillating Accessories
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Universal Fit Oscillating Accessories | Rockwell Tools
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Rockwell’s Universal Fit accessories are designed to fit any oscillating multi-tool

Oscillating Multi-Tool Accessories

Rockwell’s Universal Fit System works with all major brand oscillating multi-tools, making our Universal Fit Accessories perfect for any craftsman, carpenter, industrial worker, or DIYer. This adaptability allows more people the opportunity to become familiar with the Rockwell catalog of products.


Our community of builders, contractors, handymen, and homeowners all find a common ground through our products. We constantly listen to the needs of those who use our tools most to find areas in which we can improve and show appreciation for those who have become loyal to the Rockwell brand.


The Universal Fit End Cut Blade 6-Pack is one of our best-selling products due to the innovative bi-metal blades and beveled-tooth design, perfect for cutting a variety of materials. The selection of oscillating accessories we offer are fit to use for any at-home or commercial project. Customize your collection based on what you’ll be using the blades for most.


When projects present hard-to-reach areas and stubborn materials that can’t be easily scraped off, Universal Fit oscillating accessories do the trick. They’re a great addition to any toolbox and are sturdy enough to hang tough during the more difficult tasks.


The Universal Fit Flexible Oscillating Scraper Blade removes old elastic sealants, adhesive residue, and old paint. Rather than spending hours on one area trying to remove layers of old material or chip away at lingering paint, the scraper blade helps cut down on time and energy put into the project. It’s also a go-to tool used to remove wall paper and cut leather, linoleum, and carpet.


The effectiveness and efficiency of our Universal Fit oscillating accessories are only bolstered by our products’ affordable cost and durability. Good tools don’t have to equal an expensive cost. With our tools, remodeling and renovation projects are made easier. Tasks seem less overwhelming. Jobs get done much faster. All with the help of our Universal Fit System.


Five-star ratings from customers have included compliments on the design, comfort, performance, ease of use, and features our tools provide. They have said our blades have “made jobs much more manageable, especially in tight spaces” and “worked perfect for getting the job done.” Many of our customers have been loyal to our products for years and appreciate how reliable our tools are for them. In turn, we strive to uphold this reputation and continue to manufacture high-performance products accessible to everyone.


Rockwell tools are known for their versatility and long-lasting capabilities. Plus, our 30-day money back guarantee ensures each person will get a tool they love and can use for years to come. Customer convenience and service are two of our core values. We want you to feel as confident in our products as we do.