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Rockwell's work support stations give you a second set of hands to hold your material in place and finish the job.
Work Support
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Work Support & Work Stations

Generally speaking, a work support station is best when compact, versatile, and able to easily transport between indoor and outdoor jobs. While some may keep their work support stationary within the comforts of their garage, others may need to move it from work area to work area without any hassle. That’s where Rockwell JawStand and JawHorse products come to the rescue.


Rockwell JawHorse work support stations are designed primarily with the customer in mind. We’ve created high quality jawhorse and work support accessories focused on convenience and durability. Whether you are an experienced craftsman or relatively new to home improvement projects, we want the accessibility of our tools be a reliable solution for anyone.


The Rockwell JawHorse Portable Work Support Station fits this all-encompassing need with a user-friendly design combined with easy storage. It quickly folds down to save space when not in use and has integrated rollers for simplified transportation. More importantly, it is a great addition to any job site, almost serving as an extra pair of helping hands, to clamp doors, shelves, and other items and equipment as necessary with up to 1 metric ton of clamping force.


Customers who have used our JawHorse work stations have used them for a variety of purposes. Not only do Rockwell’s JawHorse and JawStand come in handy for carpentry projects and construction jobs, they may also be used for bicycle maintenance, building decks, or landscaping tasks. The ease of use of a JawHorse makes them a favorite among customers and nearly everyone agrees on the high comfort and performance level these workstations provide.


The right setup is key to seeing a project through successfully to the end. Our portable JawHorse work support stations make nearly every job easier by locking materials securely in place and standing up against even the heftiest demands. Easily adjustable for different working heights and stabilizing clamps hold wood or other assets in place, making a Rockwell JawStand or JawHorse a valuable tool for any collection.